Sewer Repair Services For Cities and Towns

Nobody likes traffic from road construction. Sewer repair used to require road closures, cop detail, tractors and backhoes. Well now with big advance in sewer repair technology, thankfully those days are behind us. That is because there are new methods being used today to repair municipal sewer infrastructure where all the sewer drain repairs and replacements are being done completely underground. It is called Trenchless Technology and it is saving cities and towns a lot of time and money.


   Trenchless Technology Is Saving Taxpayers Big Money

No digging required. That alone is an enormous time and money saver. Did you know that the time spent actually spent replacing a sewer or pipe is only about 20% of the entire project? Most of the time is spent excavating, removing structures and then putting everything back after the new pipe is installed. All this is virtually eliminated with new trenchless technology.


   No Need For Road Closures, Digging, Traffic Cops

Because there is very little digging required with trenchless technology, the roads can stay open, no need to have cops directing traffic, and there are no sidewalks, buildings, walkways, or landscapes to repair.


Get More Information on Municipal Sewer Repair From Your Local Sewer Contractors

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